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Switch Board

245,00 €
245,00 €

Info de producto

La mejor versión de los interruptores y bombillas

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Que obtienes

Físicamente recibes:

  • Circuito electrónico
  • 10 bombillas LED: 2 rojas, 2 amarillas, 2 verdes, 2 azules y 2 blancas
  • 4 bombillas prdicción
  • 18 capuchones de colores:
    2 rojos, 2 amarillos, 2 verdes y 2 azules (silicona)
    2 rojos, 2 amarillos, 2 verdes, 2 azules y 2 blancos (goma)
  • 2 baterías recargables de botón
  • Cargador para baterías recargables de botón
  • Bolsa de transporte de terciopelo negro
  • Caja de transporte metálica con interior de gomaespuma
  • Guía de inicio rápido
  • Tarjeta de registro del producto

Tienes acceso a:

  • Explicaciones online en vídeo en español, inglés y francés y textos en español e inglés
  • Vídeo llamada con el creador del Switch Board


Has perdido un capuchón, quieres tener bombillas extra o necesitas pilas de recambio? Aquí puedes encontrarlo todo: Recambios Switch Board (te recomendamos la carcasa transparente que ofrece protección y queda preciosa! :)

Reseñas e información adicional

Toda la información y vídeos que presentamos a continuación son contenido externo de magos profesionales y aficionados ajenos a IDEAA Lab, ofreciendo su opinión y valoraciones honestas, no patrocinadas en ningún modo.


Viernes, 22 Abril 2022
Martin is fantastic and Switch board is fantastic. After working with one for a while I ordered a second one to use at my work at university, where I teach electrical engineering and it fools students and even the pros there. It is easy to use, great fun, fooling and flashy. Martin was superb in helping me through the difficult ordering process in a public institution and is always super quick to respond. Fantastic.
Markus Pfeil
Jueves, 31 Marzo 2022
I heard about the Switch Board from some other magicians and watched the youtube reviews about this one. So I ordered it together with the acrylic case. I is amazing. After a few minutes of studying the manual and watching the tutorial videos, I was able to perform outstanding routines with this Switch Board. The fact that the routines are fully customisable offers so many possibilities to create a story for your own needs in terms of lengths and climax. Two routines are preprogrammed and the more routines can be created. I is so much fun playing around and overthinking the arrangement of effects. And it is much more fun to present the routines to spectators. The reactions so far are great stunning and laughing. I can highly recommend this Switch Board to every magician and every fan for curious electronics. Furthermore Martin is a great contact for further support. Martin, thank you very much for this product and your services.
Miércoles, 09 Marzo 2022
Durch einen Zufall bin ich in einem magischen Forum auf dieses Switchboard gestoßen. Bisher konnte ich mich für solche Kunststücke nicht besonders begeistern. Die Videos, die ich über dieses Switchboard sah waren jedoch anders. Die Effekte waren viel umfangreicher und überraschender. Nachdem ich das Bord in den Händen hielt war ich noch mehr begeistert. Es läßt sich wirklich einfach programmieren und es lassen sich mit den 7 vorgegebenen Effekten unzählige Routinen zusammenstellen. Wenn man die Funktionsweise des Bords kennt, braucht man sich nur noch den Ablauf einer Routine merken. Alles andere macht das Bord. Ich habe es zuerst einem Elektroniker gezeigt, der selbst ein Switchboard gebaut hat. Er konnte einfach nicht glauben, was er sah. Für mich ist es ein super Requisit, sehr professionell. By coincidence I came across this switchboard in a magical forum. So far, I haven't been particularly enthusiastic about such feats. However, the videos I saw about this Switchboard were different. The effects were much richer and more surprising. After holding the board in my hands, I was even more excited. It is really easy to program and countless routines can be put together with the 7 preset effects. Once you know how the board works, all you have to do is remember the flow of a routine. The board does everything else. I first showed it to an electronics engineer who built a switchboard himself. He just couldn't believe what he was seeing. For me it's a super prop, very professional.
Werner Vollmer
Viernes, 18 Febrero 2022
I highly recommend Switchboard. They have the best customer service and excellent communication in answering my questions and providing updates throughout the purchase and shipping of my purchases. You won't go wrong with purchasing this Switchboard and accessories.
Dan Thiel
Miércoles, 29 Diciembre 2021
I just discovered Switch Board this December and what a pleasant surprise it’s been. I’ve never purchased any Switchboard type trick before but I’m so glad I purchased the best version of all of them. The routines you can create with the 7 effects are amazing. It’s so easy to program the routines. No computer knowledge needed. Martin has detailed video and written tutorials explaining everything. I honestly feel this is my best purchase of 2021. I absolutely love it.
Michael N Ianneo
Martes, 28 Septiembre 2021
Best I've ever owned. I had all the previous versions of Wellington, plus some other more exotic ones. This one beats them all in terms of variety of effects (programmable!), building quality and support (excellent tutorials!). It also works in zoom presentations because of the dimmed lights! If you do have a good presentational hook, this is an absolute must-have. If you do no have a presentation it is an excellent conversation piece. Five stars!!! Dan
Dan LeFay
Viernes, 24 Septiembre 2021
I currently own several types of magic switch boards. Martin Andersen's version is the best so far. It takes the standard effects from the typical switchboard to the next level, in addition to creating new ones. The SB is well made, and the small size makes it a joy to carry in my tote bag. Bottom Line: I like SB so much that I purchased several more copies! My rating: 5 stars (out of 5)
Jueves, 23 Septiembre 2021
Produit très bien présenté et avec une finition impeccable. Je connaissais le principe de ce tour, mais il nécessitait un socle d'une épaisseur de 15 mm. Juste l'épaisseur du circuit imprimé me semblait impossible! L'autre point fort, grâce aux 7 effets, on peut créer un très grand nombre de routines. Si on fait du table en table, on peut à chaque table présenter une routine différente. A avoir impérativement dans sa mallette! Le prix ne doit pas nous faire hésiter, c'est un très bon investissement.
Bernard GINET
Jueves, 23 Septiembre 2021
I HATE leaving this review. Why? Because I LOVE this, and selfishly don't want others to find this gem! I love the switchboard concepts, but never used them because I could not get over the learning curve. This one too has a learning curve, but once you start playing with it a few times it starts to make sense. I enjoy this something that I bought two! It's a beauty and works like one too!
David Greene
Lunes, 19 Julio 2021
I love this Switch Board! The simplicity and ease of use is wonderful. I found I could do the basic routine (which is still my favorite) within a very short period of practice. I immediately ordered the plexiglass case and I feel that, for me, that improves the general appearance and also gives a measure of protection to the unit. Thank you so much. It was well worth waiting for.
Edward F. Kercher
Sábado, 03 Julio 2021
Brilliant. That’s putting it simply. While it’s a bit to get up to speed on the instructions, it really is simple to perform. Bonus points for those oh so satisfying to flick switches! Absolutely love this, and absolutely love the reactions
Kray Mitchell
Jueves, 24 Junio 2021
Fun, fun, fun and absolutely inexplicable. THe operation is simple. You just need a little memory.
David Hubert
Lunes, 21 Junio 2021
I already own the Wellington Switch Board, but this SwitchBoard by Martin Andersen is even better! I love the face that it is small enough to carry around with you. The effects that can be programmed by you are amazing. You have the ability to program which effects you want to use and in any order. I haven't stopped playing with it since it arrived in the mail. This product is highly recommended because of the quality of the product and the support that it is given. Don't hesitate to get one!
Lunes, 21 Junio 2021
This Switch Board is perfect. Excellent quality, with very clear explanatory videos.
CHEBRE Sylvain
Jueves, 17 Junio 2021
This product when far and above my expectations! It is probably the single best magic product I have ever purchased. The quality is over the top good! Every attention to detail has been thought through to perfection. Wow! Just wow!
Mark Chiacchira
Lunes, 14 Junio 2021
Very good product, i love it, a big thanks to Martin who is very available, highly recommanded ;)
Viernes, 11 Junio 2021
A very impressive product. It is going to take some work but I am sure it will be worth it. Ron
Ron Frank
Viernes, 11 Junio 2021
Received the Switch Board a couple of days ago. I am stunned with the great quality and the variations you can get with the programming option! And to a great price, for what you get! I have had a couple of these gadgets in the future, but this tops them all! Highly recommended! Great job, Martin! Thomas Walter
Thomas Johnsson
Viernes, 11 Junio 2021
Solo estoy empezando a rascar la superficie de las posibilidades que ofrece esta maravilla. Mi intención es lograr un efecto lo más mágico posible para que olviden la tecnología. El final propuesto para ello es un mazazo que estoy deseando probar. Importante recordar los tiempos de espera para cambios de efecto. Gracias Martin
Pablo Salas Rojas
Viernes, 11 Junio 2021
Le TOP!!!!!!! Je ne regrette pas mon achat! Beaucoup de possibilité, je vais essayer tout d'abord la routine "0" avant d'apprendre les autres. Super produit avec la qualité. 10/10
Galland Thierry
Viernes, 11 Junio 2021
My SB arrived yesterday. This thing is so much fun and so so cool. I mean it is one of the most thought-out products I’ve received so far. The instructions are comprehensive and understandable. Ive only played with routine 0 so far and it was FUN!!! The quick start guide with cut outs for the unit - amazing. The package, accessories, everything! Thank you very much! It made me smile and laugh out loud. What a enjoyable product experience!
Domingo, 06 Junio 2021
This is a great quality product, the working is amazing and it’s a great piece of mystery !! But the customer service is even better, Martin was really nice regarding some trouble we experienced with shipping at the first place. I’m really really happy about this purshase !
Miércoles, 02 Junio 2021
A great product and a high quality after-sales service thank you to the whole team. Jean-Claude Hesse
Jean Claude
Martes, 01 Junio 2021
Very happy with Switch Board. And even happier with IdeaaLab customer service. I pre-ordered my unit. There was a problem and it was addressed in the most professional and customer-friendly manner. The board I have works flawlessly. I used it in zoom shows and an in-person parlor show. I am looking forward to using it in CU situation... where I think it will be most effective. The board is super and I highly recommend it.
Mike Maione
Miércoles, 26 Mayo 2021
Todos los productos que he comprado en Ideaalab hasta el momento no he tenido ninguna queja, incluso Martín me ha aconsejado en las dudas que he tenido a la hora del montaje. Con el Switch Board el listón lo ha dejado muy Alto, le ha dado una vuelta de 360° FELICIDADES por tu gran trabajo. Funcionando 100x100
Miércoles, 26 Mayo 2021
Existen muchas versiones de este efecto pero para mí Switch Board es la mejor de todas. Se han añadido nuevos efectos que antes no eran posibles y se ha modernizado visualmente. He tenido ocasión de realizar este mágico efecto muchas veces a todo tipo de público, desde niños a mayores y la reacción siempre ha sido fantástica. El colorido y la imposibilidad de las rutinas hacen que este efecto sea idóneo tanto para close up como para Magia por redes sociales. Totalmente interactivo y el espectador tiene siempre total libertad de elección. Estoy muy contento con mi compra.
Enrique Arques Garrigos
Sábado, 20 Febrero 2021
Hello Martin, I received my product yesterday; What a marvelous trick with a hight quality finishes. I'm going to make an acrylic carrier plate. Thanks so much. C'est un véritable petit bijou à protéger. Merci encore Ideaalab pour cette fabuleuse création et l'offre opportuniste faite par precommande. A bientôt pour d'autres projets. BERNILLON André. France.
Sábado, 13 Febrero 2021
Love it!!! Quality is super! The effect is strong and easy to do once you decide on your routine because this effect is so versatile, but you can have multiple routines. All the effects are so good, I’m very happy. The instructions are great!!! I added the acrylic case, it’s not need but I’m very glad that I have, it adds another layer of quality. If you ever considered a switch and light effect, which those are not comparable, then Switch Board is a great choice!!! I like interactive magic and it can done for one person or a few people as close up but still can be performed in a large parlor setting. This is a proud prop to own and use. I like it so well that I’ll keep it on my desk for display and icebreaker for visitors but it will also be an everyday carry. Thank you for caring, designing and customer satisfaction is such high priority. It is my pleasure to own this. ~ Dale Ohio, USA
Dale Overmeyer
Miércoles, 10 Febrero 2021
Un vrai petit bijou absolument incroyable et fascinant. Un tableau électrique de rêve qui illumine mes jours et mes nuits. Merci beaucoup Ideaalab pour ce magnifique cadeau que vous nous avez fait. Patrick G.
Giordano Patrick
Martes, 09 Febrero 2021
I really think this is a great eletronic gem ! The written and video instructions are very well detailed. I love this product because you can create your own routines even if the 2 ones already programmed are very good as well. It's not only an electronic curiosity but also a magic trick thanks to the clever final prediction where the performer predicted the order of the chosen colors. And if you have any questions, Ideaa Lab team anwers you quickly. The Switch Board really worth the price. Great job ! C'est un vrai bijou électronique ! Les vidéos d'instructions et les textes sont très détaillés et complets. J'adore ce produit parce que nous pouvons créer nos propres routines même si les 2 déjà programmées sont très bien. Il ne s'agit pas seulement d'une curiosité électronique mais bien d'un effet magique grâce à l'astucieuse prédiction finale où le magicien a prédit l'ordre des couleurs choisies par le spectateur. Et si vous avez des questions, l'équipe d'Ideea Lab vous répondra rapidement. Le prix de la Switch Board est vraiment justifié. Beau travail !
Martes, 09 Febrero 2021
Produit reçu rapidement et pas de déception au déballage : le packaging vous permet de stocker et protéger tout le matériel et il demeure très élégant. Les explications ne peuvent pas être plus complète et claires. Les possibilités de cet outil magique sont quasi-illimitées tant dans la personnalisation que l'émerveillement qu'elles procurent. Par ailleurs la communauté autour du produit fourmille d'idée et ne manquera pas de vous inspirer. N'hésitez plus ce produit est GENIAL ! Marc
Domingo, 07 Febrero 2021
Amazing product ! Switchboard is everything I've dreamed of, and I bought 3 or 4 other versions before, some that were great too, but this is really the best : great size, props, clarity, reliability, new and fantastic effects and customizable at will, all looks pro and modern. Tutorials couldn't be better, really well made ! I urge you to consider this, price is really great too ;-) What's not to love about it ?
Sábado, 06 Febrero 2021
I have now received Switch Board and am thrilled with this flat and cleanly crafted design. The developers have put a lot of effort into the written and visual instructions. Also, email inquiries are responded to quite quickly. This little magical light wonder takes some getting used to, but with patience and following the instructions closely, you become more and more familiar with the way it works. The scope of delivery is generous and everything is well housed in a sturdy metal box. I can also recommend the surcharge for faster shipping.
Sábado, 06 Febrero 2021
Had a good chance to play with the switch board this morning and it is fantastic. It just works as advertised and very easy to use. The main feature I like is you can programme in your own routines (you can pick from 7 in any order) so you can have a short routine as well as a long one already in the board and you can pick which one you want to use. It is very well built and it just looks like a single PCB with a battery and four switches and bulbs, nothing to see at all. Supplied with two batteries which are rechargeable and a cloth bag to carry it all in, it just works out of the tin :-) Thanks Martin :-)
Phil Hendy
Viernes, 05 Febrero 2021
Thank you to the entire Ideaa Lab team for their seriousness and listening. Switch Board is a really great product and allows you to do real little miracles already programmed or your own creation Stéphane
Viernes, 05 Febrero 2021
Thank you to Martin and all his team for this magic creation. Everything is perfect, from the object to the explanations ... including the packadging and all the accessories. Stephen
Jueves, 04 Febrero 2021
What could i say except that is a wonderfull object! i received previous monday Multiples effects and routines proposed. Clear explanation! Easy to learn. The creator is here to reply to my questions when needed. honnestly you can buy it with your eyes closed.
Jueves, 04 Febrero 2021
Switch Board is one of the most beautiful magical things I have seen ... The work that Martin has done is amazing in clarity and efficiency. The effect is completely crazy! I should say the effects and routines provided are completely crazy ! What's more, you can program the machine ... I find the object intriguing, pretty and really well done ... 10/10 !! Nothing negative to say
david carasso
Miércoles, 03 Febrero 2021
FINALLY (after waiting what seemed like an impossible amount of time) received my Switchboard! It exceeds my expectations. I am so impressed by the beauty, functionality and careful thought that went into EVERY aspect of this product's development. It clearly breaks new ground in this category of trick. I have successfully programmed my own routines and am trying to get the courage to tackle "The Mess - Effect 7." Martin and his team have done a superb job in bringing this spectacular magic trick to the market. It was money well spent in service of entertaining my audiences with this mysterious electric trick.
Rhett Bryson
Miércoles, 03 Febrero 2021
C'est un vrai plaisir d'utilisation et d'une réelle simplicité, le rapport qualité-prix est parfait ! Je n'arrête pas de m'amuser avec et ça parait toujours aussi magique, alors qu'on connait le secret. Vraiment n'hésitez pas et prenez-le ! Le SAV est aussi parfait que le produit, vraiment disponible et à l'écoute !
Alexandre Osmont
Martes, 02 Febrero 2021
Le tableau de commutation Ideaa Lab change la donne pour ce type d'effet. Excellente qualité et avec un excellent support client. Vous ne pouvez pas demander plus!
William Dale
Domingo, 31 Enero 2021
Muy buena versión. Muchísimas posibilidades y formas de realizarlo. Y por supuesto un final muy mágico para realizar un buen climax!
Abel Marin Bernabeu
Domingo, 31 Enero 2021
What a wonderfull product !!! I'm in love with it, already done the first phase to my family, they were astonished ! :) Very happy with it, excellent package and realisation ! In fact dont't buy it, i want to be the only one to use it :D:D:D
Jueves, 28 Enero 2021
Solo le falta, para mi gusto, instrucciones traducidas al castellano. Muy bien fabricado, calidad y profesionalidad
Juan Nuñez
Lunes, 19 Octubre 2020
La mejor de todas las versiones que existen en el mercado. No sólo es la mejor sino que puede que sea hasta la definitiva. ¿Por qué? pues porque te da tantas posibilidades de personalización de rutinas que nunca te hará falta ninguna otra versión. Además de la calidad con la que está hecho el producto y todo lo que lo acompaña: desde la presentación hasta los tutoriales, sumamente detallados, que no dejan nada sin explicar. Un producto 10 con el que crear tus propios efectos electrónicos y luminosos y romperle el cerebro a magos y profanos. Excelente trabajo!
Francis Zafrilla