That's a good question, and the answer is very broad!

Our projects are of the most varied. We mainly focus on the world of illusionism and the artistic world, whenever they require some electronic development or technological nature.

Also many of our projects are developed for other companies and used in marketing campaigns, product development or advice in the technological field.

HERE you can see the services we offer.

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We specialize in finding solutions to unresolved problems, in the technological field, and applied to various artistic and creative branches.

This is why our specialty is learning, unlearning and relearning. In this way we can create things that do not exist, or improve existing ones.

These are some of the things we usually "play" with: animatronics, LED lighting, lasers, pyrotechnics, servomotors, wireless communication and remote controls, sensors and interactive systems, programming for mobile devices, Arduino...

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Tell us your idea, and we will tell you if it is possible to do it, we will also be honest if for some reason we do not accept your project. When we reject a project it is for the mutual good. That does not mean that your idea does not have a great value, but possibly we are not the most adequate to develop it.

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We do not copy ideas from others. We believe in ideas and we respect them. If a commercial product already exists for what you are looking, buy it.

If the commercial product does not adapt to your needs, it would be possible to carry out a modification or adaptation project.

On the other hand, there are products without copyrights that usually make one or several creators. On those occasions it would be possible to carry out the requested project. But you have to know that it is rarely worth creating something that already exists commercially from scratch. In the same way that a tailored suit is always more expensive than a commercial suit, carrying out a customized project will be more expensive than buying the existing commercial product.

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If you take a look at our company's values you will get an idea of what matters to us.

You will contribute to give value to quality, to give importance to ideas, to promote responsible use of technology and sustainable use of energy. Check also our commitment to the environment.

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Of course! Distance is not a problem. Telephone, email, messages and video conferences help us reach any part of the world, and we work with shipping companies so that you can receive your idea made true wherever you are. In fact, most of the projects are hired from other parts of the country and the world. Here you can see who has trusted IDEAA Lab.

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