Defective product

We are sorry to hear that one of our products has presented a failure and we understand how frustrating it can be. That's why we want to try to solve it in the easiest and fastest way, so you can continue using it as soon as possible.

In order for the process to be as fluid as possible, it is necessary to follow some steps. These will help us identify the problem and find the most appropriate solution for your case.




Fill in form

We need you to fill in   THIS FORM
This way we can identify the problem and offer you a solution, at the same time that we register the incident to follow up on your case.

Offer a solution

Once we receive the form with the details of the problem we will evaluate the possible solutions and we will give you one of these answers:

The problem can be solved by yourself

Sometimes you can solve the problem, without sending the product to repair.

It can be a configuration error, maybe you have to make a small modification, change a battery or sometimes the problem is derived from a misuse of the product, and we will tell you what to do to correct it.

In all these cases the solution is in your hands.

The problem has to be solved by us

This is the case when the product has a manufacturing fault, a breakdown, wear and tear, broken part, or any other fault that requires our workmanship.

In this case the problem can not be easily solved and requires that you send the product to repair or replace it.

If so, you must continue with step 3.


Send the product

When the product needs repair or replacement, you must send it following these instructions.
VERY IMPORTANT: do not send products for repair if we do not expressly ask you to do so. Receiving unauthorized products can lead to the loss of the product, or generate costs that the client must pay.
Read and carefully complete ALL steps to avoid shipping incidents and repair delays.

1. What to include in the package

  • Include only what we ask, including more than necessary increase the weight and size of the shipment.
  • Include the RMA code that you obtained when completing the form from step 1. You should also have received it by email. This code can be written on a piece of paper and put inside the package to be sent.

2. Packaging

  • Use packaging that protects the content.
  • Try to make the packaging as small as possible. The bigger, the more expensive the shipment will be.

3. Shipping

  • Use the shipment method that you consider, unless we tell you something else.
  • We can not be responsible for products that are lost in transit, so using shipping methods with tracking number is advisable.
  • If you send from another country other than Spain, declare the value of the content in no more than 5 EUR / 5 USD / 5 GBP. If the package received generates import fees, these must be paid by the customer.

4. Shipping address

Attn: Martin Andersen
c/ Juan de la Cierva 13-A, 1º
15008 - A Coruña, España
Tel: (+34) 981 10 88 10

Repair and return of the product

Once we receive the product we will check and repair it according to the information provided in the form of step 1.
If the repair entails any cost, the customer will be informed before making the repair.
In addition, we usually perform checks and maintenance services on the product if it needs it, at no additional cost.
Once repaired will be returned to the address indicated in the form.

You can now enjoy your product again!

Do you have any doubt?

These FAQ's can answer some of your doubts. But if you still have a question, you can contact us.

Why so many steps to repair a product?

This allows us to keep track of the products that we should receive, which repairs have to be made, customer data for the return of the product, etc.

Without all this it is easy to misplace shipments and cause delays or mistakes.

What is the RMA code?
Will the repair have any cost?
Who pays for the shipment?

Normally the shipping to our facilities is paid by the customer, and the return shipping is paid by us if it is a warranty repair.

If the repair is due to misuse of the product, to natural wear, or is out of warranty the customer is the one who must assume the round trip shipment.

I need an urgent repair