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4 Servo Motion Recorder

76,13 €
76,13 €

Product Info

Record a sequence of movements and play them whenever you want.

With this circuit, you'll be able to record 5 minutes of movements with 4 servos. Then, they will move according to the recording.

You can move puppets, a handkerchief, a fake leg, arm or hand, and many other things.

To record the movement sequence, you have to use a Movement recorder controller (not included) which contains a button to record and stop the recording, and also a rotary knob to indicate the position of the servo. As you move the knob, the servo will move imitating the movements you do. The movements are stored in the memory, and then you can play them according to the recording. You will have to record the movements of the servos one by one. While you record one servo the others playback to make it easier to sync several movements together..

The circuits allows you to play the servos individually or together. That means that you don't have to use the 4 servos if you don't need them. Just the ones you want to use.

Once you have started the playback, you can pause it at any moment. For example, if you need to interact with a puppet, you can continue with the recorded movement from the moment you paused the interaction.

Two operating modes:

  • Simple Playback: it plays the recorded movement and then it stops
  • Continuous Playback: it plays continuously the recorded movement. Once it's finished, it plays all over again

This Movement Recorder has a small button to play the recording. It also contains a terminal where you can add your own button and a long cable to your needs.

The circuit works between 3v to 15v. You can choose up to three ways to power the servo:

  • With 5v obtained from an internal regulator, powered by the circuit voltage (Vin must be > 6v)
  • With the same voltage than the circuit
  • With an independent voltage

If you don't know what this means contact us so we can help you.

This circuit is ideal for small and medium servos. Servos with a strong movement and high voltage might damage your circuit.

This Movement Recorder needs a Movement recorder controller that is sold separately.


This product does NOT include servomotors, choose the one you prefer on the servo section.


You can find the instructions in the support section, on the top menu.


Thursday, 22 April 2021
I'm delighted with the products of Martin and his team recommended for my whiteboard animation. Easy and quick to install and program ! Good advice, great service and good price. Don't hesitate ;)