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1 Servo Controller

23,92 €
23,92 €

Product Info

Press one button and the servo will move.

Include tact switch

This coin-sized circuit will let you activate a servomotor by just pressing a button. You can open a lock, move a puppet, release a thread, slowly open a box lid, or anything you want! This is an example:

The circuit will allow this configurations:

  • Initial and final position for the servo arm
  • Speed of movement
  • 3 working modes
  • Energy Save option.

This are the 3 working modes available:

  • Momentary: while you keep pressing the button, the servo will move. Once you release the button, the servo will return to the initial position.
  • Toggle: every time you press the button, the servo will toggle between 2 positions.
  • Latch: you use the first button to move the servo to position 1, and the other button to move the servo to position 2.

It includes a LED light to show when it's on and connection terminals to fasten the cables without welding.

The circuit works between 3V and 5V. The servo works thanks to the circuit, so you must check the voltage is the same for your servo and electric circuit. This circuit is ideal for small and medium servos. Servos with a strong movement and high voltage might damage your circuit.


This product does NOT include servomotors, choose the one you prefer on the servo section.


You can find the instructions in the support section, on the top menu.


Wednesday, 25 March 2020
Tenía un problema de funcionamiento en mi Mesa Multiefecto y me la han reparado perfectamente!!! Gracias Martin y equipo!
Saturday, 02 January 2016
Este accionador de servos te ayudara mucho en tus proyectos, es muy facil mover un servo. Muy practico y sencillo de utilizar, pulsando un boton y te permite ajustar el ángulo o la velocidad del mismo.
javier grañena
Friday, 01 January 2016
Funciona perfectamente y además cumple con las espectativas que yo quería.
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