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License plate prediction

95,00 €
95,00 €

Product Info

Prediction of a license plate randomly selected by several spectators


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This is a prediction of a license plate.

The magician shows different numbers and letters on a license plate style pad. The combinations are endless.

One or several spectators choose freely, a number at a time, to create a unique license plate.

The magician reveals a metal license plate that matches exactly with the chosen one.

Key points

  • Spectators choose all numbers without the magician touching or forcing anything
  • Extremely easy to perform
  • Fits any kind of show, kids, adults, comedy, mentalism…
  • Perform surrounded
  • Packs very small, but plays huge!
  • Predictions is made of embossed aluminum
  • This is a Magic Open Source product that you can see HERE. You will have access to all the files, so if you want to create your own version, or make any modification, you will have instructions and templates to create it
  • Choose between 12 different models available to make it fit your own presentation and show
    • California
    • Florida
    • New York
    • Texas
    • France
    • Spain
    • United Kingdom
    • Italy
    • Germany
    • Japan
    • Singapore
    • British Columbia (vintage model)

What you will get?

  • A special pad, with numbers and letters that looks like the license plate chosen.
    • Polyester sheets, very resistant, to last many years
    • Rigid back cover, for easier handling
    • Spiral binding so the sheets slide easier
    • Semi transparent front cover
  • An aluminum license plate, replica of the original
  • Access to instructions and presentations

Why pay for something that is free?

Open source is free as in freedom. Although in this case, you can have the files and make this trick yourself without having to pay for it

Benefits from buying the product are several:

  • You avoid the hassle of having to make it yourself.
  • The product has professional quality finish.
  • The materials used are high quality, specially the polyester sheets and the rigid back cover, which are quite difficult to find if you don't make a volume production.
  • Price is really low, if you add all the materials and works needed you will probably find that this are more expensive than the product price itself.
  •  You are supporting our Magic Open Source project, which allows us to offer new open and quality content for artists like you 


You can find the instructions in the support section, on the top menu.


Wednesday, 21 November 2018
Well made. Looks like great customer service if necessary.