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340,00 €
340,00 €

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Miser's Dream on spectators hands

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Clonk³ is a magic trick in which three coins magically travel (one by one) to a bucket that is held by a person's hands.
Every time the coin reaches the bucket, people will hear a coin is dropped inside the bucket.
It's not a sound effect, the coins really appears inside!
The last coin, which was signed by the spectator, also travels to the bucket and at the end the three coins are found inside the bucket.
Shocking and impressive...

Clonk³ is quite an experience and the audience will remember this magic trick forever.

With Clonk³ you will have access to the online explanation videos so you can watch them as many times as you want, from any device. Four complete routines are included with different handling's. You can perform the one that best suits you, or create your own routine!

The close up presentation is wonderful, looks like magic.

Michael Rubinstein

Fantastic! A perfect "miser's dream" trick. The best part is the magic trick is performed in the spectator's hands!

Juan Mayoral

Final miser's dream. We've always dreamed with this magic trick and it finally came true. Blessed technology, blessed ingenuity, and damned Roman García who has revolutionized again coins magic.

Luis Piedrahita

All magicians who have done the miser's dream trick have wanted to get rid of the bucket, but finally we can do it thanks to Román García's ingenuity. Thank you so much.

Miguel Ángel Gea

Business could be magical, magic could be creative, and creativity could be memorable. We can find all of these attributes in Clonk³, for the price of one. Thanks Román for being creatively commercial and memorably magical.

José Castiñeiras

If the best copenetro version and miser's dream had a child, it would be Clonk³.

Kiko Pastur

Here you can see performance for the 4 routines included with Clonk³. This are uncutted and unedited videos so you can really appreciate all possibilities it has, and even create your own routines. You can turn on english subtitles if you click on the gear button.


  • Where can I perform Clonk³?

Clonk³ is a versatile magic trick that you can perform in a crowded place. Theater, street, close-up, etc. You can perform this magic trick at any place. You can adapt this magic trick in any situation according to your magic routine.

  • What kind of coins do I need?

In stage version, the most suitable would be dollar coins like the Eisenhower or Morgan dollar coins. This type of coin can produce a thunderous sound, so the audience can hear it when the coin is dropped inside the bucket.
In a close-up version, the most suitable would be half dollar coins like the Kennedy ones.
Clonk³ can be performed with both types of coins. In fact, you can use any type of coin that is smaller than Morgan size (38.1mm / 1.5in diameter).
Coins are NOT included.

  • What kind of bucket do I need?

You can use any bucket for Clonk³, even your own! But we provide one that we think its very nice and makes a grate sound when the coins drop inside.

  • Can the magician control the travel of each coin?

Yes, the magician can control the trick at any moment and make each coin appears being far from the spectator, without any help, and hands are always visible.

  • Can I perform other routines?

Yes, you can create your own routines, develop new and magical miser's dream versions or close-up versions (similar to a copenetro trick, but without table or any platform) in which you can show the coins any time the coin travels to the bucket. You can even use a spectator's ring...
Your limit is your imagination...

  • When will it be available?

World release of the product was in FISM Congress 2015, held on July 6th-11th in Rimini, Italy. Was one of the most commented effects of the convention, and was sold out.

  • What does includes?

You get the special gimmick and the bucket. You can use your own coins.

  • What about instructions?

Instruction videos are hosted online, so you can watch them everywhere, any time you want. You will receive a card that tells you the website and unique code to access the videos.


You can find the instructions in the support section, on the top menu.


Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Una herramienta muy útil e interesante y muy bien fabricada. La inversión merece la pena
Tuesday, 31 March 2020
Wonderful product, wonderful service a pleasure Thank you very much Très bon produit et très bon service, un plaisir à utiliser pour un très bon impact Merci beaucoup!
Tuesday, 09 July 2019
En cuanto ha llegado y he empezado a estudiarlo, me di cuenta de todo el tiempo que he “perdido” pensando en si tenerlo o no. El Clonk 3 no se duda, se tiene que tener y punto. En cuanto descubres su fuerza se convertirá en el juego favorito de tu repertorio. Super versátil, cómodo, invisible y con una fuerza en los espectadores tremenda. Pocos juegos existen en los que el sonido se implique tanto en los espectadores y no solo eso, si no la sensación de notar una moneda caer dentro de algo que ellos sujetan. Es milagroso. Además ofrece infinidad de presentaciones que realizar. Toda esta mezcla de genialidad,ingenio,potencia y profesionalidad solamente se le podría haber ocurrido a Martín Andersen y a Román García! Bravo chicos! Gracias por donar este nuevo milagro a las tablas de la magia! Alex Louzao
Mago Alex
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