Electronic catapult


Imagine you say that you are going to make a card trick, and a deck of cards goes flying from your briefcase to your hand. It could also be a rope, a wand, or any object you need.

This electronic launcher is very easy to build and we explain it in this episode.

Here you can find all the products we have shown on this episode:

If you want to know the total price of the products click HERE and the products will be added to the cart. To calculate the shipping price you only need to choose country, city and ZIP code and the shipping options will be shown, as well as the corresponding taxes if applicable. You don't need to be registered.

Do you want an electronic launcher but you have no idea of electronics? We can prepare everything, place cables, configure the circuit, pair the remote and prepare the locking mechanism. You will receive the assembled, tested and functioning electronics. You just have to take care of the mechanical part. Important: We will not build the catapult, we only prepare the electronics!

  1. Go to our online store
  2. Manually add the products to the cart or click HERE to add them all
  3. Choose the Assembly Service, or if you clicked on the link on previous step, then this is already added
  4. In the notes of the order you can give us instructions on how you want us to assemble it

Ideas sponsorship

And remember, if you have an idea, at IDEAA Lab we sponsor it with materials, workforce, 3D printing and publicity FOR FREE.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

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