Environmentally friendly

In IDEAA Lab, we care about our planet and we strive to minimize our impact on the environment:

Annually we compensate our carbon footprint and collaborate with Wren Climate Fund.

Our website has a negative carbon footprint. 300% of the consumed energy is green.

We use 100% renewable energy that comes from clean and renewable sources like solar or wind power.

We use LED lighting that is much more efficient and with a longer lifespan, producing less waste.

The paper we use comes from a sustainable forest management.

All instructions and invoices are not printed; you can download them or see them on our web page.

All UPS shipping's we make are carbon neutral offsetting their footprint.

To deliver your products, we use eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable packaging.

We try to repair products in our technical service instead of disposing them.

Incomprehensibly, it's much more expensive being responsible than not. By choosing eco-friendly paper and packaging, web servers with negative carbon footprint, or renewable electricity, our costs increase although we try not to add it to the final price for our clients. By this way, you can purchase similar products with similar prices than in other web sites, but with a difference:

If you also care about the world where you're living, by purchasing in IDEAA Lab, you will know that the impact on the environment is less than in other web sites.

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