IDEAA is the name of the company and the initials mean "Investigation and Development of Electronics for Artistic Applications". It was founded in 2009 by Martin Andersen and created to offer artistic ideas, advising, and design and building of "devices" for certain purposes. We usually build electronic devices. For this, we offer creativity and advising on technology to create these apparatus.

At the beginning we used to develop our projects in a house. Nowadays, we have our own research laboratory (with 100m2) where we design our new projects. This lab is located in a known industrial and business area. We have cutting-edge tools and equipment that allow us to design in a few steps. With our computers, we can process and design a concept in a precisely way. With these skills and high quality materials, we can build professional stuff. We even sell products per unit and wholesale.

The company has helped out artists, architects, advertising agents, and even vets. Our electronic designs form part of globally successful products. Our clients have participated with their products in IFEMA, museums, musicals, and magic shows.

While the company is located in Galicia (Spain), our projects can be requested from anywhere in the world.

Great companies and artists have requested our services. We have developed awesome ideas and projects. The next one can be yours.

"Possible things are already done, let's make the impossible"