Collaboration / Employment

Are you looking for a stable employment with few responsibilities and with a fixed monthly salary?

If your answer is yes... I'm sorry, this place is NOT for you.

In IDEAA Lab we count on entrepreneurs and freelancers who feel their job as a passion and not only as a resource to make ends meet. By this way, we believe the person gives the 100%. We like this kind of people who are responsible, involved in their projects, and struggle to achieve them.

Coworking and synergies, are the options chosen by workers in this new era of knowledge, where capital doesn't depend on raw materials and workforce but on talent in individuals. That's why we are open to listening to your proposals of collaboration that encourage the mutual growth.

Don't discard your profile for not being similar to ours. This where the advantage lies! We're looking for designers, journalists, consultants, programmers, translators, 3D artists, and many more.Visit us and chat with us to know how we can help you out.