Magic Open Source

Patrocinamos tus ideas conmaterialesproductosmano de obraimpresión 3Dpublicidad gratis

Products and materials

IDEAA Lab can sponsor your project offering you the materials you need and you take care of the building, in exchange of sharing this project on the video blog.


Crafts are not meant for you? Don't worry, you buy the materials, and at IDEAA Lab we take care of building it for you, in exchange of sharing the project on the video blog.

3D printing

If you have designed something useful or novel we can make it real with 3D printing for you, in exchange of sharing your design on the video blog.


If you are a creator or maker for magic/stage products we can show them and make reviews if you explain some of your ideas or projects in exchange. We can also show your products if they use products from IDEAA Lab.


Open source philosophy is based on sharing, although in the world of magic and shows, we often want to keep the secrets jealously, without knowing the advantages and benefits of sharing them.

At IDEAA Lab we want to explain and promote the open source philosophy, applying it to the scenic world. And for this we have created this "sponsorship of ideas" program, where you can benefit from products and services in exchange for sharing that idea.

Watch this video where we explain what is open source:

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We hope to have convinced you with the video, and if not, we hope to convince you with our products and services without cost. In any case you will see that you will benefit!

How does it works?

Products and materials

Once the proposal is accepted, the client must pay for all the products. Since the client receives the products, he will have an agreed time (between a couple of weeks and a couple of months) to build his idea and present it (drawings, photos, videos, etc). At that time, IDEAA Lab will proceed immediately to refund the agreed amount. In this way we guarantee that the project will be carried out. Since if we offered the products without cost in advance, these could be forgotten in a box forever.

3D printing


We do not want to have "small print", our proposal is real and honest. That is why we will not draft strict conditions of use, since we will be guided by the goodwill and collaboration of the parties , and in general lines, these are the conditions that apply:

  • The goal is to share so that other people can replicate the project, or take advantage of at least some of the ideas presented.
  • Ideas or projects will be displayed on the "Magic Open Source" blog, on the IDEAA Lab website.
  • The ideas and projects that reveal secrets of the magic world will be protected so that only magicians can access them. The rest of ideas and projects can be publicly accessed.
  • The ideas or projects presented will always be accompanied by the name of the creator.
  • The client is responsible for ensuring that the submitted idea or project does not infringe copyright.
  • You can only choose one of the categories (materials, workforce, 3D printing or publicity) per submitted project.
  • Each person can send as many ideas as they consider.
  • Ideas will be selected according to several parameters:
    • Originality
    • Utility
    • Ease of development
    • Cost
  • IDEAA Lab will offer the products and services with a percentage discount or no cost, depending on the same parameters mentioned above.
  • The delivery time for projects that require workforce or 3D printing will depend on the availability of IDEAA Lab.
  • The way of sharing the idea / project presented will depend on the project itself. The most common forms will be:
    • Explanatory videos
    • Photos and explanatory texts
    • Face-to-face or videoconference interviews
  • The date of publication of the content on the web page will depend on availability of time and the other contents pending publication.
  • The client will have the last word on his idea, and IDEAA Lab will have the final say on the products and services offered.

Let's do it!

Send your project now

If you have an idea you want to share, send it as soon as possible. We evaluate the proposals in the order received.