Beta Tester Program

At IDEAA Lab we create products that reach thousands of people. But to make sure that our products meet the expectations of quality and functionality, we must first test them thoroughly.

While our tests try to be as rigorous as possible, many times we miss the point of view of the user and how they use it. We also find it difficult to be impartial with our own creations.

That's why we look for people who are willing to try our products, look for weak points, mistakes, possible improvements and offer us their impressions. Thus, when the product comes to market, we are sure that it will be its best possible version.

Reviewer Program

At IDEAA Lab we create products with our heart. We believe in them and we hope they will be very useful for those who use them. These products are like a child to us, we see them with good eyes, and we want them to reach as far as possible.

But the truth is that we can make mistakes, and we must learn from your suggestions to improve in the future and be able to offer even better products. Although most of the time we have done well, we also like to hear it when this happens.

We would like to find people who are interested in reviewing our products and telling the world all the good and bad things they have. We hope there is more good than bad, but honest and constructive reviews helps us to understand better if the product and expectations are in tune.

For the Beta Tester Program we look for people with some of these characteristics:

  • Experience with the type of product to be evaluated
  • Interest in trying new products
  • Ability to search for defects
  • Patience and time to test
  • Offer evaluations, comments and details of the tests carried out
  • Being able to keep the secret until its launch to the market
  • Have a show where you can try the product (if it is a product for artists)

For the Reviewer Program we look for people with some of these characteristics:

  • Knowledge of the products to be evaluated
  • Able to reach the target audience of the product
  • With influence and followers in social media
  • With hierarchy and evaluation in forums
  • With online store
  • With blog, podcast, Youtube channel
  • Honest and constructive comments and qualifications
  • Ease of speech, to be able to transmit written, audio or video opinions

What we offer?

In both programs you can discover new products, innovative ideas and access to our latest news, before anyone else, even before they hit the market!

We create limited editions and pre-productions that you can see and try exclusively completely free or with great discounts.

In the case of Beta Testers, your comments, ideas and suggestions can become real in the final product!

In the case of the Reviewers, we will take care of promoting your blog, Youtube channel, Facebook page, etc. so you can reach many more followers.

In both cases we will contact you for each product and you can choose if you want to participate or not.

In both cases you can also earn money recommending our products! Check out our REWARDS PROGRAM

How to join the program in 3 steps?


Follow us on our social media

This step is VERY important, we choose people who are interested in our projects and products. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Fill in the form

Choose what you want, according to your knowledge and preferences. Be honest in the answers.

Be patient

We launch several products a year, but it can take some time for us to contact you. Also we choose the most suitable candidates for each product. If we do not contact you for a new product, we may do so for the next one!

Let's do it!

Join the program now

If you want to be Beta Tester or Reviewer of our products, complete the form according to your preferences. We will contact you when one of our products is suitable for you.