Bank transfer payment

Thank you for using bank transfer as a payment method. This saves us lots of fees, and for a small company like ours every cent counts!

If you wish to pay in dollars ($) or pounds (£) confirm with us the current exchange rate before paying.

Once you have made the payment send us the bank receipt to [email protected] and we will proceed with the shipping.

Bank transfer within Spain ( )

Account holder: Martín Andersen
Bank: Banco Sabadell
IBAN: ES26 0081 5186 3400 0123 1924

Bank transfer within European Union ( )

Account holder: Martín Andersen
Bank: Wise
IBAN: BE83 9671 8099 7215

ACH payment within USA ( )

Account holder: Martín Andersen
Bank: Wise
ACH Routing number 084009519
Account number: 9600000000380971

Bank transfer within United Kingdom ( )

Account holder: Martín Andersen
Banco: Wise
Account number: 66753377
Sort code: 23-14-70
IBAN: GB05 TRWI 2314 7066 7533 77

We use Wise to have bank accounts in different countries, as well as send and receive national and international bank transfers. If you use THIS LINK, you can signup free and make the first transfer at no cost.

We don't partner with this company, but we like what they offer and we want it to become more popular!