Copenetro book

Shinetti sent us a copenetro inside a book!

You should check it, because it's marvelous!

We are gathering orders, so only for a few days we are offering 50€ discount for every copenetro book and table you order. And FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

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Switch Board Release

After almost 5 years of R&D and tons of work, today we unveil our new project: Switch Board

This "gadget" has been a fetish toy for many magicians and has become a collector's item. Quite a few different versions have existed, but their appearance and presentation often relegate them to an electronic novelty or puzzle. Few versions are truly magical.

At IDEAA Lab we have set two goals: reduce electronics until it almost disappears and provide powerful magic.

Keep reading to see what we have achieved!

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Swapping platform

Under the ideas sponsorship, Jordi Mensa proposes us to build a swapping platform.

We will learn about Arduino, stepper motors, remote controls and 3D printing. All this has many applications and if you let your imagination fly you will find a place where to use them.

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Clap-o-meter with Dani García

This time we interviewed Dani García and he showed us the CLAP-O-METER he built for his show. He told us super interesting ideas on how to use it in any show: magic, theater, stand up or whatever you want!

A simple and versatile project that will allow you to have the applause of the audience under your control. Everything explained and OPEN SOURCE!

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Lanzador de serpiente, por el Mago Shinetti

Durante la cuarentena hemos tenido una charla muy interesante con el mago y fabricante Shinetti.

Nos muestra como fabricar una serpiente que salta y encuentra una carta firmada. Simple, divertido y muy portátil para cualquier espectáculo de salón y escena.

También nos enseña cual es su producto más vendido, una obra maestra!

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App to control the music of your show

Josemari Alcazar show us a FREE APP to have total control of the music of your show.

Music fade in and out, loops, sound effects... I promise that is really spectacular what you can do with this and it is worth seeing every second of this video!

If you use music in your show you MUST see this.

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iPod RF de nuevo a la venta!

El iPod RF vuelve a estar a la venta, por tiempo limitado, en cantidad limitada y por última vezEs la versión de despedida para los que se han quedado con las ganas.

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Voltage regulators

Do you want to use a circuit, but the batteries you have do not match the voltage of that circuit?

It is possible to convert from one voltage to another, for example, we can increase the voltage from two AA batteries (3v) to 9 volts. You can also reduce a 12v battery to 5 volts.

If we know how, we can get any voltage we need. In today's episode we will see how to convert voltages very easily, and as an example we will see how to run a wireless mic on batteries!

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Test our products for FREE!

Soon we will launch several products to the market, and we want to make sure they are spectacular. That's why we need people to test them and tell us if they see any failure or possible improvement. On the other hand, we want these products to reach thousands of magicians, so we also need influencers, bloggers, youtubers and anyone who can honestly review our products. What do you think?

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Electronic catapult

Imagine you say that you are going to make a card trick, and a deck of cards goes flying from your briefcase to your hand. It could also be a rope, a wand, or any object you need.

This electronic launcher is very easy to build and we explain it in this episode.

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